Origin 2017 SR2 Features/Improvements


ORG-16265LabTalk access for Show at Specified Indices Only of plot label

New switches are introduced to access the Show at Specified Indices Only option for plot label in set/get command.


  • set name -qmie value: Turn the Show at Specified Indices Only checkbox on or off
  • set name -qmi dataset: Set specified indices


ORG-14420Support appending file name without extension as column Comments

From SR2, when user choose Append Filename to Column Comments in the import setting, the file name will be appended without extension.

Note: To revert back to old way, use system variable @IFE=0 


ORG-16143Activate dataset indicator in legend will be turned off by default.

From SR2, new system variable @TNA=1 is added. It disable all system template to show active data indicator in legend. If you want to turn on daaset indicator in legend, you can set @TNA=0.


Better color/fill pattern list and palettes, System Theme and Built-in templates
  • Added new color list "Q14 Color4Bar". And it's used as default color list for Fill Color List . It's applied to grouped (100%) Column/Bar and (Stacked) Area plot.
  • New palette "Spectrum" is added.


ORG-6190More options for nlsf.addfunc method

When adding a function to the function list in the NLSF, if arg =

  • 0, the function file should not be copied to the functions folder
  • 1, the function file should be copied to the functions folder
  • 2, not ask about overwriting the function(New)
  • 3, overwrite the function(New)


ORG-16290Output sheet should be locked

For operation that output result to a whole worksheet and locked, following operations are disallowed on the result sheet.

  • Insert column
  • Create new column
  • Set Column Value

Ease of Use

ORG-16292Add control to suppress warning/confirm dialogs

Setting system variable @DOM = 1 will disable operation warning/confirm messages dialogs when deleting the source operation/worksheet/workbook.