Orglab DLL Release Notes

VersionBitBuildRelease DateChangeDownloadJIRA (In-house documentation)
OrgLab9 (9.7.5)64 (no 32 bit version available)
  • Fix Missing values are returned as 0 instead of Origin NANUM value from double type matrix.
  • Fix MatrixObjectPtr->DataFormat fails to set set data format for matrix.
  • Fix WorksheetPtr->Labels() fails to set visible labels in worksheet.
  • Access violation fixed when reopening project.
  • Ability to assign WorksheetPage and MatrixPage to Folder.
  • Added support for WorksheetPage and MatrixPage Comments.
  • Added support for MatrixSheet XY mapping.
  • Improved MatrixObject Property access: Units, Comments.

See this page for info about upgrading from OrgLab8:




OrgLab8 (9.3)32, 641166/29/2015

Fixed the issue of When set unsigned integer32 data (Dim dy(iw) As UInteger), the saved opj file shows all Zero.

Sample code is as:

orgWkSt.Columns(iIndex).DataFormat = Origin.COLDATAFORMAT.DF_ULONG 'DF_FLOAT
When try to set unsigned integer32 data (Dim dy(iw) As UInteger), the saved opj file shows all Zero. For other data type, it works OK.


Have the same issue in Matrix. Sample code is as:
Dim s2(0 To iRow - 1, 0 To iCol - 1) As UInteger
... ... ...
orgMtObjS2 = orgMtS.MatrixObjects.Add
nn = orgMtObjS2.SetData(s2, 0, 0)
OrgLab8 (9.3)32, 64201/23/2015
  • Combined all DLLs into a single DLL
  • Four new methods for getting and setting LabTalk object properties
  1. double GetLTObjNumVar(string name)
  2. string GetLTObjStrVar(string name)
  3. BOOL SetLTObjNumVar(string name, double value)
  4. BOOL SetLTObjStrVar(string name, string value)

OrgLab8 (9.1)



  • Added ability to force Text & Numeric datasets to show numeric values as  text elements. When a column is Text & Numeric, numeric strings would show with scientific notation. This behavior can now be turned off per column.
  • Added new Visual Basic sample to demonstrate new Text & Numeric dataset feature.

OrgLab8 (9.1)

  • Fixed an Exception that was occurring when calling the New Project method.

OrgLab8 (9.1)


  • Fixed an Exception that was occurring when accessing items in a collection

OrgLab8 (9.1)644710/15/2013
  • Fixed issue about creating new work book (64 bit)

OrgLab8 (8)6446 02/04/2013
  • Updated to support 64 bit


 9.X problems and fixes (In-House Documentation) : 

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