Origin Viewer Release Notes

Origin Viewer 9.6.5 Release Notes:

Latest version Released on 12/12/2018

Changes and bug fixes

  • Compatible with Origin 2019
  • Support for new plot types in Origin 2019 such as Parallel plot, Cluster Plot, Violin Plot, 3D Tetrahedral Plot etc.
  • Support new OPJU, OGGU, OGWU file types for Mac Viewer

Known Issues

  • Not compatible with Mac OS 11.0.1 (Big Sur).
  • Conditional format in worksheet is not supported
  • HTML Mode for Notes Window is not supported
  • Speed is slower when opening with non-OpenGL 3D graph
  • Can't show compound style line for graph in Mac Viewer

Origin Viewer 9.5.3 Release Notes:

Latest version 9.5.3,377 Released on 3/22/2018

Changes and bug fixes

  • Compatible with Origin 2018.
  • Support for new OPJU, OGGU, OGWU file types, new in Origin 2018.
  • Save Origin OPJU project files as pre-2018 OPJ files.
  • Support for new graph types in Origin 2018 and the upcoming 2018b release.

Known Issues

  • Cell formula itself shows in worksheet cell instead of the calculated data. 
  • Can't show plots created from data with Cell Formula
  • Can't display Geologic Patterns in Fill Area graphs
  • Can't display reference lines in graph set by statistics or expression.
  • LabTalk script is not supported in viewer, (incl. text and graphic objects created by script, worksheet links to variables, etc.)

Origin Viewer 9.4.1 Release Notes:

Latest version Released on 4/10/2017

Changes and bug fixes

  1. Support Zoom in, zoom out and view full page.
  2. Support new graph types in Origin 2017: trellis plot, 3d grouped bar & stacked bar, box plot showing as bar, connecting mean line and data points in box plot, 100% stacked area and 100% stacked 3D wall, floating bar with value 0 showing as a line (energy diagram); 
  3. Mac Viewer bug fixes: crash, axis or curve missing, text cut off or messed up, Assert messages, etc. Note: Geology patterns in Origin 2017 is not supported.
  4. Display active window short name in Origin Viewer title bar.

Origin Viewer9.4 Release Notes:

Last Version Released on 3/8/2016 

 Supports both Mac Version and Windows Version

Known Issues


Does not include NAG components and thus some graphs
that require NAG based math functions will not render properly, and a
message will be shown on the graph to indicate this.

Improper rendering of Smoothing in Contour plot

"Proper rendering of this graph requires full Origin product" shows in such graph

some statistics graphs


old 3D non-OpenGL graph is not supportedMac Viewer not support drawing old 3D graph(non-OpenGL), instead, remind message "Proper rendering of this graph requires full Origin product" will be shown on graph
matrix image and image plot is not supported
 matrix image and image plot is not supported in Mac viewer
Project Explorer(PE) limitations:
  • Can't sort windows in current folder by clicking column headers, such as Title, size, etc.
  • No Extra Large Icon View to see graph or layout preview in PE.
  • No tooltip when mousing window in PE to graph preview, book comments and notes window contents.
  • No indication of Hidden window.

embedded graph fail to support transparencyBackground of embedded graph is show as white if background color is none,it is common to meet with this issue if worksheet data have sparkline.
Fail to show Grid line and smith chart button correctly
  1. Grid line of Smith Chart fail to show in graph window or after resizing the viewer dialog
  2. Smith Chart button display incorrectly


Worksheet scrolling delayScrolling through a normal worksheet for an extended period of time (scrolling past more than 10+ rows) leads to the viewer starting/stopping scrolling. The viewer will scroll for about 10-15 rows, and then even as the user continues the scroll gesture, it stops. This occurs in either direction, does not appear to be dependent on the number of rows/columns and seems to be a new issue since internal version 4.


Buttons and Links in Origin windows, e.g. Graph, Workbook, etc. will be hiddenButtons and links will be hidden in Mac and Windows based Origin Viewer 9.4.


Origin Viewer 9.2 Release Notes:

Last Version Released on  

Changes and Bug Fixes


SummaryDetails  JIRA (In-House Documentation)
Bug Fixes related to Favorite Folder

When opening an opj which is saved with Favorates folder active, the active window isn't Favorites.

Right-click a shortcut window in Project Explorer, Go to Original Folder context menu is added.

Support new PE preview features in 2015

View mode context menu is added

Graph Preview When Moussing Over

Extra Large Icons to show Graph Previews

show/hide Column context menu

Fail to show graph annotation correctly


Support get LabTalk Project String Variable in ViewerProject String Variables fail to show in text annotationORG-11057 P2

Known Issues

Origin Viewer 9.1 Release Notes:

Last Version Released on 4/28/2014

32 bit Viewer: OriginViewer91.zip

64 bit Viewer: OriginViewer91_64.zip

To view matrix images or Image plots in an Origin project file, please download and extract the following ImagePack files to OriginViewer EXE folder.

32 bit: OriginViewerImagePack64.zip

64 bit: OriginViewerImagePack32.zip

Changes and Bugs Fixes

SummaryJIRA (In-House Documentation)

Support viewing and rotating openGL based 3D graph

Support Stock Chart Graph

Need dll to support showing image matrix

Support 32 bit and 64 bit Viewers

Distributed as single EXE.

Include Sample OPJ files with .zip file download

Known Issues

SummaryJIRA (In-House Documentation)

Annotation not supported. arrow is missing and the coordinates are incorrect.

Axis Scale by Formula displays fail to work in viewer

equation not working in viewer

Fail to show graph label with substitution in viewer

Fail to show graph with large data in viewer

Fail to show 2D function plot

Fail to show UIM object in viewer

Origin Viewer webpage: http://www.originlab.com/viewer/

Origin Viewer 8.5 Release Notes:

Last Version Origin Viewer 8.5 build 197:

ZIP : Origin85ViewerE.zip

MSI:  Origin85ViewerE.msi 

Archived: \\nd2\Archive\Products\Released_Versions\Origin Viewer

VersionBuildRelease DateChanges and Bugs FixesJIRA (In-House Documentation)
  • Fixed crashing when opening an OPJ
  • Available in Zip and Msi
  • Supports Excel

  • Fixed bug so uninstalling removes the OriginLab shortcuts from the Start: Programs menu
8.5.1 19412/09/2010
  • Fixed problems with viewing water fall plots
  • Fixed problems with the Layer Frame disappearing

  • Show Graph long name in Graph window
  • Fixed crashing when opening Graphs with transparency
  • Compile Origin Viewer in Origin 8.5
  • Versions 8.1 and 8.5 graphing features enabled in Origin Viewer

Origin 8.5 Fixed Viewer Problems (In House Doc): 

Origin Viewer remaining problems (In House Doc): 

Origin 8.0 Viewer Release Notes:

Download Origin Viewer 8.0 build

Archived: \\nd2\Archive\Products\Released_Versions\Origin Viewer

VersionChanges and Bug FixesIn House Documentation
  • Added Splitter Pane Preview for images in graphs and Workbooks
  • Enabled internal graph drawing so images are not metafile images.
  • Support Graph Zoom
  • Support XYZ Contour Graph types including 3D ternary
  • Supoort ogw, ogm and ogg
  • Allow drag and drop and multiple viewers
  • Copy Page created with 8.0 Sr2
  • Results Log added
  • Available in MSI
  • Report Sheet enabled
  • LeadTools images enabled
  • Tabled in Graph enabled
  • Sheet in Layout enabled.

Tracker notes (retrieved by remotely connecting to Tracker desktop)

Origin 7.5 Viewer Release Notes:

Download Origin Viewer 7.5 (Orglab Based): OriginViewerInstall.exe 

Archived: \\nd2\Archive\Products\Released_Versions\Origin Viewer\Viewer 75 VB and Orglab based

You can also register and download from our website: http://www.originlab.com/viewer/dl.aspx