Origin 2023b Bug Fixes









Sunburst plot is wrong if not set x as categorical

When more than 2 X columns without set as Categorical, highlight all and Plot: Categorical: Sunburst

==> Wrong plot

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Failure to use arrow keys to go to next or previous plot after using space key

In Object Manager, after press Space key to turn off/on plot

==> Fails to use arrow key to go to next or previous plot

Fixed in Origin2023b


3D Layer More MT buttons

new wks with 6 columns
fill col(a)-(c) with row numbers, col(d)=a_10, col(e)=b_10, col(f)=c*10
highlight col(a)-(c), make 3D scatter plot
select layer, in MT, set to auto rescale XYZ
open PD dialog, go to 3D vector tab, enable 3D vector, set X end=col(d), Y end=col(e), Z end=col(f), click OK
==> no rescale

open the attached ORG-25213_P5.oggu file
select the layer, in MT, set to auto rescale XYZ
open PD dialog, go to layer properties, go to miscellaneous tab, change Z value source to auto, click OK
==> level of colormap is changed
click rescale button in toolbar
--> graph is updated
reopen PD dialog, go to layer properties, go to miscellaneous tab, change Z value source back to lone name, click OK
==> level of colormap is changed again

Fixed all in Origin2023b.


Show wrong data info for 3D

  1. new wks with XYZ, fill XY with row numbers, Z with uniform random numbers

  2. highlight col(c), make 3d scatter plot

  3. open PD dialog, go to label tab, check enable, label form=custom, format string=$(wcol👎[i], *4), click OK

  4. take the following image for example, move the mouse cursor to the labels (not the symbol)

==> data point tooltip is shown up, and wrong info displayed.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Fail to apply layer properties to linked layer

  1. make graph with multiple payers

→ notice that layer properties is applied to linked layers, layer2 is linked to layer1, layer3 is linked to layer2

  1. change font color of layer title of layer1

==> font color of layer3 is not updated

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Display Issue When Multiple Waterfall in same Y

  1. open the attached Double-Y Waterfall_DisplayIssue.opju in

    ORG-26249 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  2. in Graph 2, there are 2 waterfall show on same Y, plots on same Y use different color

==> but the overlap part seems display wrong

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Refresh issue for group header After data highlight with 3D scatter

  1. new worksheet, add 3 columns and set them as Z

  2. fill all columns with random data, plot 3d scatter

  3. select data highlighter, drag a rectangle to select some data

  4. click pointer toolbar to exit data highlighter mode ==> points in 1st plot still fade out

  5. click refresh button → works fine

Fixed in Origin2023b.


SVG Path Drawing Issues Part 2

The inserted SVG image object draws wrong if it contains dash array.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Waterfall with B-spline Display Issue When there is break

  1. Open attached WaterfallBreak.ogwu in ORG-26281

  2. select all and plot 3d waterfall,

  3. open PD, go to pattern tab, change connect to B-spline, ok

  4. open axis dialog, go to scale tab, from=0, to=2000

  5. go to break tab, set number of break to 1, from 500 to 1500, ok ==> there is no fill under middle curve for 1st and 2nd plot

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Cannot undo for 3D axis line position

  1. new wks with XYZ, fill with row numbers, make 3D scatter plot

  2. open Z axis dialog, go to line and tick tab, set axis position to at position=2, click OK

  3. Ctrl+Z to undo
    ==> fail

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Fit Page to Layer does not work for specific project

  1. Open the attached project file in ORG-26325

  2. Plot a bar chart with column A C E (as X Y YErr) using plot setup dialog (It is the Graph 4 in project file)

  3. Choose menu “Graph: Fit Page to Layer“

==>The height of the graph is 5 times longer than the height of layer

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Image File Link could not auto fit tooltip column width

  1. Open PointToolTip-ImageLinkAndEmbeddedImage.opju attached in ORG-26058

  2. -->point tooltips in graph1 will show image file link in col(C) with column width =20

  3. Mouse over data point in graph1

  4. ==>there is large space area in tooltips

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Fail to save By axis for 3D scatter

  1. make group 3D scatter plot

  2. open PD dialog, go to group tab, select by axis under subgrouping, click OK

  3. reopen PD dialog, go to group tab

==> none is selected

Fixed in Origin2023b.


1st graph layer will be active after undo fit layer to page

  1. Open Double-Y.opj under Samples Graphing folder.
    -->2nd layer is active

  2. Right click on graph and select fit layer to page, in pop up gfitp, click ok with default settings.

  3. Press ctrl+Z to undo fit layer to page.
    ==>1st layer is active.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


User Parameters in Browser graph left panel missing after Set as Default

  1. New a worksheet with row number, plot Browser: Black Lines

  2. In worksheet, right click F(x) and click Add User Parameters, click triangular button and click Min, click OK

  3. In Browser graph left panel, right click Short Name and check Min, Set as Default

  4. Toggle to worksheet and reactive the graph.

==> Min is missing

Fixed in Origin2023b


Origin crashes when creating worksheet from browser graph

  1. New a worksheet xyy, fill with random numbers, select plot: browser: black line to make browser graph.

  2. Save browser graph as Graph1.oggu.

  3. New project, reload the saved Graph1.oggu.

  4. Right click on plot in left panel and select create worksheet.
    ==>origin crashes.

Fixed in Origin2023b


Want to show symbol in waterfall legend

  1. new worksheet, fill with row number

  2. plot 3d waterfall

  3. open PD, go to pattern tab, set fill to none

  4. go to symbol tab, set symbol size to 12,ok

==> there is no symbol in legend

Fixed in Origin2023b.

And we also set legend of OpenGL graph to be enable AA by default.


Consider legend position when plot browser graph and fit page to layer

  1. Open the attached boston_daily_high_stacked_lines_browser.opju or browser_stack_yoffset.opju in

    ORG-26491 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    , whose legend is too close to edge and fit page to layer failed to consider it

  2. choose Graph: Fit Page to Layer

  3. Click OK

  4. ==> Legend is still not showed all

Fixed in Origin2023b


Could not in-place edit legend

  1. new worksheet, add 5 columns,

  2. fill all 7 columns with random data, plot scatter plot

  3. double click legend try to edit ==> open properties dialog, should in-place edit

Fixed in Origin2023b, now in legend, if the longest line is not more than the value of @TLIPN, double click and in-place edit


Issues with Table in graph

Issues when working with table in Graph, such as

  • 0 in empty cells in table

  • Newly added rows and columns doesn’t have frame

  • Paste one cell add many empty rows in table

  • Some table style not show as described

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Auto Axis Rescale Issues

When X rescale is set to Fixed From, Auto to, then data display range is not properly setup for the X axis range after rescale, thus leading to points outside to affect the Y scale.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Worksheet in Graph Transparency Issue

  1. Open the attached 23-03-10_(table_background).oggu

  2. Double-click the table in the graph to open up the table worksheet.

  3. Highlight the worksheet and right-click>format cells>Fill color>None.
    ==>Notice that the table color is not transparent, graph color does not come through.

  4. Change Fill color to Blue, Apply and Update Table.
    -->Table color is now Blue

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Improve performance of slider in Flip Through dialog of Browser plot

  1. Open attached peaksep.opju. The label on top of the graph is set up with script to show separation between peaks and it is triggered on data change

  2. Bring up the Flip Through dialog from the left panel drop-down menu

  3. Set the skip number to 10

  4. Clicking the forward and backward buttons works fine

  5. But if you try dragging the slider, it get stuck. Have to let it go, then click again, and drag again. Perhaps having the script trigger on data change is somehow interfering with the slider?

Fixed in Origin2023b. Added a new system variable @MTNM


Line Sticking Out for Arrow Tool on 3D Graph

Use Arrow Tool to add an arrow to a 3D graph, then increase the width of the line, the line gets into the arrow cap.

Fixed in Origin2023b


2D Line object transparency fails to work in 3D graph

  1. New a wks and fill with row numbers.

  2. Highlight them to make a 3D XYY bars plot.

  3. Click Line tool button to add a 2D line object to the 3D graph.

  4. Double click the line object to open Object Properties dlg, then change transparency to 50%.

  5. Click OK.

==>Its transparency fails to work.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Fail to disable movement for arrow object in 3D graph

  1. make 3D scatter plot, add arrow object

  2. open object properties dialog, go to dimensions tab

  3. check disable vertical movement, click OK

  4. try to move the arrow

==> it can be vertical movement

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Set Layer Height Fail to work in Polar, Smith Chart and Radar Chart

The issue existed in Polar, Smith and Radar Chart since at least Origin 9.0.


  1. Open Plot Details (PD) dialog, go to layer’s Size tab, set Height to 50, apply ==> size is not changed, the graph move to top, note top is 11.74

  2. ok with PD, reopen dialog, go to size tab ==>Top is -0.2641

Fixed for Polar and Smith Chart in Origin 2023b. But too hard to fix it for Radar chart. So the issue will still exist in Radar Chart.



Origin crashed on inserting certain SVG

Inserting certain SVG file may crash Origin. Fixed in Origin2023b.


Sankey Diagram Node Position Issue

Drag the node of the Sankey diagram to the bottom, but it jumps to the top of the graph. We found that when the vertical offset of the node is set beyond 327, it will change to -327.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Wrong gradient fill transparency when mode is auto

  1. make XYY 3D bars plot

  2. open PD dialog, go to pattern tab, set gradient fill to two color, click OK

  3. add one special point, open PD dialog, go to pattern tab, uncheck auto transparent under fill, set value to 100, click OK

==> the special bar does not disappear the whole

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Graph created from Excel book cannot open Axis dialog

  1. Open an excel sheet

  2. Make a scatter plot with the data in excel

  3. Double click on Y axis to open Axis dialog.

    ==> dialog mess up


In-frame labels can not be displayed in Polar if clip to frame

For some specific polar graph project, data label can not be shown unless we choose Do not clip to Layer. While all the labels are in layer frame


The text object turns to be bold in a specific project

For some specific project, a text object is bold unexpectedly.


Copy/paste format make hidden bar show in bar map

  1. Make a bar map plot

  2. Duplicate the graph window

  3. In the duplicated window, clear the check box next to special points in OM to hide them

  4. Select the bar map in original graph window, choose “Copy Format: All“

  5. Go to the other graph window, right click on the white space and choose “*Paste Format: Advanced*“

  6. In the opened dialog, set Root: Page: All Layers: All Bar Map Plots: Map: Bar Size: Width as 2.. I want to paste the width of bar size only.

==>The special points are removed. all the hidden bars are shown


Pie Label Properties Fail to copy paste format for special point

  1. plot pie chart with row number, duplicate graph

  2. ctrl click on one wedge in Graph 1 to add special point,

  3. in label tab of special point, select categories in format group

  4. set position to center, ok

  5. select plot in graph 1 copy format and paste format all to graph 2

==> label content and label position fail to change


Failure to exchange XY for 2D colormapped line series

  1. pen the build-in sample Line and Symbol Graphs - Colormapped Line Series.opju

  2. With graph window active, click Exchange XY.

==> The graph is distorted and some block shows.


Wrong contour graph after ignoring Z missing values

  1. Make a contour with missing values.

  2. Highlight col(c) and plot a contour-color fill graph.

  3. Run LT: set %c -lczm 1;

==> Wrong graph.


Column Browser can not be called in Pattern box for a specific project

  1. Make a column/bar plot with many columns and sheets in source worksheet.

  2. In the Pattern tab of PD, Select Pattern dropdown list, Click the triangle of Use Column Value and choose More

==> Nothing happens. No column browser pop up to let me select other column


Grouped plot should apply style holder from group

For some specific project, save the graph template as, uncheck closeable, ok. Then plot with this template ==> only 1st plot in each layer show label


Plot Disappear When Select 1st Doughnut/Sunburst

  1. Make a donut plot/sunburst plot.

  2. Ctrl click one wedge in 2nd plot and change color to grey to create special point, ok

  3. In OM, select 1st plot

==> plot disappear


Color MT button fails to work for Ellipse plot

  1. New a workbook with 4 columns and fill with data.

  2. Highlight all columns, select menu Plot: My Template: Ellipse to make a Ellipse plot.

  3. Click on the plot, try the Symbol Edge Color or Symbol Fill Color mini button.

==> Neither works.


Crash if Use Sum in Plot Label Format String

  1. Make a simple scatter plot.

  2. Open PD, plot level, Label tab, check enable.

  3. Set Label Form as "Custom", and fill Format String as: $(sum(wcol(n)))

==>Origin Crashes.


Theme Undo Apply issue when plot has Special points

  1. Make two column plot with diff special points

  2. Copy format from one and simple paste to another

  3. Ctrl+z to undo

==>special point fails.


Run-time error after switching left/right with reference line label shown

  1. New worksheet, fill columns with row number,

  2. add one column, fill with random data

  3. highlight all and select Plot: Multi-Panel/Axis: Double Y

  4. Double Click Left Axis to open axis dialog and go to Reference Line tab. Click Details to open Reference Lines dialog.

  5. Click Add and set At Axis value for 12. Check Show Label. Then click Apply.

  6. Click Add and set Value type as Statistics. At Axis Value as Median. Then Enable ref line Label and set Label Form as Value. Click Apply,

  7. Click Right in Axis control in the upper-right corner.

  8. Click Add and set Value type as Statistics. At Axis Value as Mean. Then Enable ref line Label and set Label Form as Value. Set Label Position as Outside Begin. Click Apply and OK.

==> Error message shows: Index out of range.


Slowness on Rescaling Area Plot with Pattern

For some specific graph window, set the y axis from to 0. It takes very long time to update the graph.


Resize or reverse legend entry issues with separator

  1. Make a graph with legend which are \sep:50 added .

  2. Click on the legend and choose Reverse Order.

==> legend shows with \sep:50


Text Object Normal Button Fail to Remove Font format

  1. New worksheet, select 4 columns to fill random data, plot scatter

  2. Open Properties dialog with legend, select 1st line, select font =Times New Roman → \f: add to text part of 1st line

  3. Select normal button

==> Nothing happen


Crash if Change Font After Combine Legends

  1. Create a simple horizontal 2 panel plot.

  2. Click legend in layer1, select "One Legend for Whole Page" in Mini-Toolbar.

  3. Do not close Mini-Toolbar, change font.
    ==>Origin crashes.


Show Label for Radar Graph Doesn't Work

Make a radar chart. Select the data point and select show data label in mini-toolbar. ==> Show Label MT for Radar Graph Doesn't Work


Merge Polar and Radar chart does not work in 2023

Make a radar chart and a polar graph. Use merge graph tool to merge them. ==> The graphs overlap even the setting is 1 row 2 column. If I set Orientation to be Landscape, there is no such problem. But if Orientation is Landscape, there is problem if arrangement is row 2, column 1.


Support More Than 15 Columns in Scatter Matrix

In the past, the limitation for scatter matrix input is 15 columns. Now the Limitation changes to 30


High-Low-Close PD control Issues

  1. Make a High-Low-Close plot

  2. Select plot, set color indexing to column F in MT ==> color is not change

  3. Double click plot to open PD ==> All controls in Line tab are disable


Scatter Matrix Keep scatter style when recalculate and change parameter

In the past, Scatter matrix plot’s scatter plot and diagonal plot do not share color, so if user want to change color, they need to change in two place. Now it share color list between symbol edge color, box color(for box and histogram) and line color(distribution curve).


Crash if Undo after Hide Data Plot on Legend

  1. Make a simple scatter plot.

  2. Open PD, plot level, Symbol tab, change Symbol Color as Red, OK.

  3. Right-click on the left symbol of legend, select "Hide Data Plot" (From user’s operation).
    Or Just click to activate the symbol of legend, no need to hide plot.

  4. Ctrl+Z to undo step 2.
    ==>Origin Crashes.


Set separate axis tick table row format fails

  1. Make a bar plot.

  2. Open Axis dialog and go to tick labels tab. Enable table and set numbers of Rows to 2. Set Bottom 1 and Bottom 2 axis’s display. Click OK.

  3. Double click to open Bottom 2 axis dialog and go to tick labels tab.

  4. Go to Format subtab. Uncheck Auto box. Set Direction to Vertical. Click Apply.

    ==> Auto box is checked. Text direction is not changed.


Disable offset when a plot is remove in stacked plot

  1. Make a graph with two plots and the Offset is set to Individual.

  2. Set Y offset value in the Offset tab of plot1.

  3. Remove plot2.

    → Now there is only 1 single plot and it is not grouped.

    ==>The plot1 offset is kept in the graph even rescale the graph. And in the Plot Details dialog, the Offset tab does not show.


Bar Map use Wrong Bar Width

  1. New worksheet, fill XYYY with random data, plot bar map

  2. add rectangle object to graph, open Properties dialog,

  3. go to dimensions tab, set Left margin to 12, right margin to 85% of layer to get rectangle width to be 3% of layer

  4. compare bar width and rectangle width

==> bar width is smaller than rectangle width, note default bar width setting is 3% of layer


Fail to select 1st legend symbol if select legend content from end

  1. New worksheet, fill 4 columns with random data, select all and plot scatter

  2. double click legend, try to select all content from end of content

==> fail to select 1st symbol


Doughnut Order by Column only affect 1st plot

  1. open attached WindowsVersion.ogwu

  2. select Column A~E plot Doughnut plot

  3. open PD, go to wedges tab, set order of wedges by column, select col(F), ok==> only 1st plot(inner plot) use the new order

  4. reopen PD, go to group tab, set edit mode to independent, ok --> order is correct


Reverse the Y scale on the contour profile, the HLine will disappear

  1. Make a contour profile. Now there are VLines and HLines in the profile.

  2. Open Axis dialog and select Vertical in the left. Exchange From & To values. Then click OK.

==> HLine disappear.


HH:mm format is different for Custom and Standard Options

The 24:00 have different display when time is set as HH:mm in standard and custom type. Previous one shows as 00:00, and the later one shows as 24:00.


Increase Histogram Number of Bin Limit

In the past, Origin number of bins limit was 1000. Now it increases to 1048575.


Select from Worksheet by X should support YXXX

  1. New worksheet, add 3 columns, set 1st column as Y, B~E as X

  2. fill all with random data.

  3. select multiple panel by label, select Select from Worksheet by X from input fly-out,

  4. select all columns ==> dialog shows (,A).


Fails to auto rescale when make multi-panel plot with XYYXYY data

  1. New a workbook with 6 columns, fill it with random numbers.

  2. Set as XYYXYY designation.

  3. Highlight all columns, plot Vertical 2 Panel.

==> The plot is in wrong scale.


Align Column checkbox should work for regular text object

For some multi lines text object with both symbol and text, open Text properties dialog and go to Text tab, check “Align Columns” and click Apply.

==> Legend symbol part still not aligned.

In Origin 2023b, new system variable @LSA (Legend Symbol anchor) is introduced to control if we need to start a new section with legend symbol(\l()) in normal text object. @LSA=1 means legend symbol need to start a new section for alignment, which will insert ^() before symbol. @LSA=0 means legend symbol works like normal text. Set @LSA=1 and check Align Columns, the original problem should be fixed.









Fail to active window after clicking button on browser graph

  1. Open the Export with Preview and Link.opju attached in

    ORG-25879 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    . → Active window is matrix now.

  2. Click the Triangle button on Graph5 and choose Flip Through menu. ==> Active window is matrix still.

  3. Click the Export button.

==> Run time error: Invalid active window.


Palette not applied if export image window

Open an gray scale image and applied palette then export it.

==> Palette is not applied in the exported image. Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Export RGBA GIF image as AVI fail

Open a gif image which is not gray scale then export it.

==> Fail to export. Fixed in Origin 2023b.


SVG Path Drawn Incorrectly

If we download some subway map SVG and insert into Origin, there are some troubles.

==> Origin may has assert.


==> A black rectangle shows in graph.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Strange color block showed on graph

With AMD display card, some 3D graphs have strange color block so that we cannot get the whole plot.

Fixed in Origin2023b with system variable @OGLDP=1 .


Surrogate Pair Not Exported Correctly in SVG

  1. Export Graph as SVG

==> The a and b behind the 𤭢 overlap.

Fixed in Origin2023b. Only fixed for SVG format. Others like eps/pdf will be later.


Extra line shows in Exported PDF After Copy Page to PPT

  1. Open the attached project file in ORG-25258.

  2. Set @PFNC to 1.

  3. Print as pdf.

==> show a vertical line.


Fixed in Origin2023b.


Export image window failed to include graph object

If there is graphic object in new image window and export the image, no graphic object in the exported image file.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Back line is showed in front in the exported file

  1. make box chart, set draw connect line behind

  2. export graph

==> the back lines are always drawn in front in the exported file or preview

Fixed in Origin2023b


Wrong image type is selected when open expGraph dialog with default theme

  1. to be clear, make sure there is no 0-expGraph-Last used.ois file in UFF’s Themes subfolder.

  2. new graph, open expGraph dialog from File menu

  3. set image type to PDF, click the triangle button, select save as default, close the dialog

  4. reopen the dialog from File menu “Open Dialog“ entry.

--> <default> theme is showed up as dialog theme,

==> but image type is EPS

  1. click the triangle button, select default

→ image type is changed to PDF

Fixed in Origin2023b.










Wrong script after Generate Script for SubGroup Method By Reference Colum(s) in XF reducexy

For Analysis: Data Manipulation: Reduce by Group tool, it supports SubGroup Method By Reference Colum(s) in Origin2023, but if customize some settings and Generate Script, it outputs wrong script

Fixed in Origin2023b


Reduce by Group issues

For date data, open Analysis: Data Manipulation: Reduce by Group tool, set Subgroup method as X Increment, set X Increment as 1year/1month, it uses hard coded day 365/31, in Origin2023b, now check year/month info


Input column disable after change parameters for Integrate tool

Run below LabTalk, in worksheet, click change parameters ==> Input column is disable

newbook; col(a)=data(1,30); col(b)=data(1,30); col(c)=data(2,60,2); plotxy iy:=(1,2:3) plot:=200; integ1 -r 2;

In Origin2023b, now enable but only for input manually or pick interactively from Range (Expand the Input)









Keep the fitted curve's line format adjusted during fitting interation

  1. Plot Scatter with any data, active graph window, press Ctrl+Y top open NLFit dialog, pick any function like Allometric1.

  2. Minimize NLFit dialog, change fitted curve’s width to be 3.

  3. Back to NLFit dialog, click any fitting buttons (Init, Simplex, Chi-Square, 1-Iter, Fit until converged).

==> Fitted curve’s width was changed to be 0.5

Fixed in Origin 2023b









Quick fit runtime error on duplicated X data


  1. Make a duplicated X data, and plot Scatter

  2. Gadgets: Quick Fit: Linear

==>Runtime Error

Fixed in Origin 2023b





Many Gadgets Y offset issue on stacked plot

  1. Plot Stacked lines with Y offset, active the offset plot

  2. Gadgets: Quick Peaks, and tag peak

==>The peak Y value in the result worksheet is wrong, which is the peak Y position with the plotting offset.

Similar issue like other Gadgets like Interpolate, Integrate, Statistics, Cluster, FFT. Fixed in Origin2023b


Shading from Integrate Gadget failed to show together with plot

  1. Make a group plot, Gadgets: Integrate, check Keep the shading color after New Output, click OK

  2. Click triangular button and New Output

  3. In Object Manager, hide plot with shade

==> The shade stays

In Origin2023b, shade follow parent plot to show and hide


Gadget fails to update when DC data source changed

  1. Import data with Data Connector, plot Line and open Gadgets: Quick Peaks

  2. Change another similar data with Data Source menu

==> Fails to update

Fixed in Origin2023b


FFT gadget tool not support time data

If input X is Date/Time data, Frequency in FFT gadget result will be incorrect.

Fixed in Origin2023b

Image Analysis








Extract Linked Matrix Shows Reversed Latitude Values

  1. Add ROI on image then right click to choose Create Linked Matrix context menu.

  2. Show the result matrix in data mode and then show X/Y.

==> The Y value in the matrix are reversed. Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Linked Image Not Saved Properly into OPJU

  1. Add ROI on image then right click to choose Create Linked Image context menu.

  2. Save project then reopen it again, adjust the ROI’s size/position to update the linked image.

  3. Save project again then reopen it.

==> Linked image is not saved properly. Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Image ROI to Matrix to Plotting - Various Issues

Add ROI on image then right click to choose Create Linked Matrix context menu.

==> It should use the Image Window’s long name as the matrix object LN.

Note: for the GeoTIFF type image, Image Window’s XY long name/unit should be used as matrix’s XY long name/unit.


mcrop generates wrong result

Import image to matrix then add ROI to crop it.

==> Wrong result will be generated. Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Inserted Image dimension change proper update needed

Insert an image to graph window. If the source image’s dimension is changed, the inserted image dimension should be changed too.

Add system variable: @IMGH=0 to keep inserted image’s width by aspect, set to 1 to keep height.


Image Grayscale Histogram issue on multiple frames image

Grayscale Histogram on multiple frames image. → Only the first frame’s result is output.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.


ROI create linked matrix failed on certain grayscale image

ROI create linked matrix on certain grayscale image may generate wrong result.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Run time error when cropping image if part of ROI is outside it

If part of ROI is out of image, right click the ROI to choose Crop context menu. ==> Run time error.

Issue existed since Origin 2023 and fixed in Origin 2023b.

Data Handing









CSV file date time not recognized during import, and is reset to text on re-import

When change data and time format in Column Properties, and re-import.

==>Reset to the auto detect format.

-->Fixed in Origin 2023b. keep it as the changed one.


User-defined Import filter can not be shown in G/J/C Origin menu

1.Make a filter by Import Wizard.

2.Add the filter to menu with menu Data: Import from File: Add/Remove File Types.

3.Change language to be Japanese/German/Chinese.

==>Failed to show user defined import filter to Data: Import from File menu.

-->Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Large Date and Time dataset can not be correctly pasted to Origin from Excel

For large date/time dataset in Excel, copy and paste to Origin may becomes missing value.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.


Need to transform netCDF data type if formula is used

When the data type for NetCDF is short, then always import the data as integer, even though set formula to be v/10.0 during import.

Fixed in Origin 2023b. If formula is set, then set data type to double.


Connect Multiple Files need Pattern Option

Connect multiple Files only import partial files when full path is so long.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.









Check Set Data Time Column in Matrix Pixel Extraction

If source matrix’s long name is in Date/Time format, execute Pixel Extraction and the result X is not in Date/Time format.

→ Fixed in Origin 2023b.









Switch to other application when open Axis dialog from mini toolbar

  1. New a graph window, open Windows explorer

  2. Click the graph axis to show mini toolbar, click Axis Scale button

  3. In Axis Scale dialog, click More button

==> Switch to Windows explorer and then the axis dialog open

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Pin Window fails to work when Cascade/ Tile Horizontally/Tile Vertically

  1. New several windows

  2. Pin a window.

  3. Select menu: Window: Cascade/ Tile horizontally/Tile Vertically

  4. ==>The pinned window was moved.

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Arrange Windows should consider minimized windows

  1. Supposed there is a visible minimized window (near the bottom workspace) in Origin workplace.

  2. Select Window: Arrange Windows to open dialog, click OK with default settings. (Include Minimized Window is unchecked)

    ==> The minimized window became invisible and covered by other windows.

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Origin crashed on append certain project

Origin 2023 crashed on append certain project

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Minimized child window location inconsistent when Main window is restored and maximized

  1. Maximize Origin main window.

  2. Minimize book1. -->book1 is shown on bottom of Origin workspace.

  3. Move the minimized Book1 window somewhere close to the top of the Origin workspace.

  4. Restore Origin main window, then maximize Origin main window again.

  5. ==>book1 is not shown on original position,but moved down a distance.

Fixed in Origin 2023b


Save Format as Theme in layout window will saves the theme to wrong place

  1. New a layout, add a text, right click and select save format as theme.

  2. Save theme as “Theme1“, then open Theme organizer dialog, activate Graph tab.

  3. ==>Fail to show “Theme1” in bottom theme panel.

Fixed in Origin2023b


Color List too long to show all colors & color shows black in the imported palettes (.aco)

import the color palette (Trumatch色板.ase) as color list .

==>In the GUI, it will too long to show all color.

Import the .aco color palette (PANTONE solid coated.aco) from Photoshop installation path > Presets > Color Swatches folder

==>The color of this palette shows black.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


F3 Find in Project issues on certain project file - beta forum

In Origin2023 and earlier versions, F3 to open Find in Project dialog, double click in the result items(Books), with the same duplicated name.

==> Error message box pops up saying “Element does not exist. Please try finding again.“

In Origin2023b, fixed by run Labtalk scripts: “doc -rd“


Preview for Extra Large Icon does not work when double click to open project in Origin

In Origin2023 and earlier versions, double click to open project in Origin,

==>Project explorer which is set View: Extra Large Icons, does not show Preview.

Fixed in Origin2023b.













Script window always open if set @SWFS by Preferences: System Variables dialog

System variable @SWFS is added in Origin 2023 to control font in Script window.

If user opens Preferences: System Variables dialog and set the system variable. E.g. set it to 15.

Then close Script window and then close Origin.

When launching Origin.

==> The script window always shows.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


page.orientation not works for Graph

Run page.orientation = 1 fails to change Graph page from Landscape to Portrait.

Fixed in Origin2023b.


Keyword of Switch command case sensitive issue

Script like below fails to work in Origin 2023, user need to write keyword “Case” as lower one “case” to make it works.

nn=2; switch (nn) { Case 1: type "aa"; break; Case 2: type "bb"; break; Case 3: type "cc"; break; default: break; }

Fixed in Origin2023b.

Origin C








okutil_http_get failed

OC function okutil_http_get() failed to get certain JSON file from web.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.









XOP in a loop

When use Python function to do Linear Fit in a loop, it fails. Create XYY data in active worksheet with random numbers then run below code to see the failure.

import originpro as op wks_all = op.find_sheet() for i in range(wks_all.cols): if i==0: continue lr = op.LinearFit() print(f'col({i+1}):') lr.set_data(wks_all, 0, i) rr = lr.result() b = rr['Parameters']['Slope']['Value'] b_err = rr['Parameters']['Slope']['Error'] print(f'slope={b}+-{b_err}')

Fixed in Origin2023b


Python set_label() Label Row Name Length Issue

set_label() Fails, when the length of label row name is 1.

For example:

  • wks.set_label(0, 'run1', 'B')

Fixed in Origin 2023b.


String Array As Python Function Input Fails

Strings were missing from the array when passed to a Python function.

Fixed in Origin 2023b.