Origin 2017 SR2 Known Issues



The issue only exists in G and J Origin 2017 Sr2 temporarily.

  • If you download the Sr2 patch after 5/26/2017: No such issue.
  • If you download the Sr2 installer after 5/26/2017, no such issue.
  • If you use Origin 2017 Sr2 DVD to install it, no such issue.

In Origin 2017 SR2, some menus/context menus are shown in English in G/J/C Origin


Statistics:Descriptive Statistics: Statistics on Columns / Rows.

The following context menus

  • Column: Hide/Unhide Columns: <ALL ITEMS HERE>
  • Column: Move Columns: <ALL ITEMS HERE>
  • Graph: Add Axis Scrollbar: <ALL ITEMS HERE>
  • Graph: New Layers: <ALL ITEMS HERE>
  • Matrix: Flip: <ALL ITEMS HERE>

If you see the issue, workaround:

1. Delete file xfdump_p_J.xfd (or *G.xfd, *C.xfd according to language) in folder <EXE>\X-Functions\.
2. Run Origin as Admin.
--> Make sure the *.xfd is re-created in above folder.
--> Menus should be localized now.