Origin 9.1 SR2 Bug and Crash Fixes

Crash Fixes

ORG-10158Crash on filling to next plot if continuous valid points are less than 3Make line plot with some missing valu and continuous valid points less than 3, then set Fill Area under Curve to Fill to next plot - One Color (or Above Below Colors), Origin will crash
ORG-10377Crash on Origin starts upReported by user but hard to reproduce. Made some code change.
ORG-10249Fill to next plot draws when there is missing values or axis breakWhen there are missing values or break with fill area under curve: fill to next data plot on, the fill area showed wrong filling in some area

Bug Fixes


ORG-6431Date/Time issue in Axis dialog

If user changed the tick label display, the Scale From and To notation shouldn't be be affected.

ORG-10139Graph does not refresh to show updated Tick Labels after Axis PanningGraph tick labels show incorrect after Axis Panning, you have to click refresh to show
ORG-10154axis scale after break did not draw correctlyIf axis scale is log10 and axis break is enable, the customization of scale after break will not work
ORG-10143Special Point Data Label Arrow Key Left Right not workingSpecial Point Data Label Arrow Key Left Right fail to move label position

Dropline automatically turned on in 91 with a 90-made template

Plot graph with graph template created in Origin 90, the drop lines are turned on automatically.

Adding Linked Layer Removes Tick Customization for Log Scale Axis

For graph with log scale, when adding linked layers, the tick customization was gone. New problem since 9.1.
ORG-10412Setting in Layer Management cannot be remembered in 91When close and then reopen Layer Management, the settings will be set as default again


ORG-10560pClamp import not working if 64 bit only Origin is installedUser doesn't have to install both 32 and 64 bit Origin to make pClamp working in 64 bit Origin in sr2 now.
ORG-10137pClamp import in 64 bit Origin: No data shows till refreshIn 64 bit Origin: If workbook is maximized and then import pClamp data, nothing shows in workbook. Had to refresh to see the data.
ORG-10456Auto repeating last number for column width specification not work when more than 255 columns

When use Fixed Width in Import Wizard, if Fixed Width is set to be 1 and Number of Column is set to be more than 255 for example, then after the 255th column, column will not have the fixed width of 1. This problem exists since 8.5.1. Workaround is using set Fixed Width to be (1).
Fixed in 9.1 SR2. 

ORG-7760CDF Import: When only importing 1D variables, no Matrix window should be created.Fixed in 9.1 SR2





ORG-9875Big space shows between text and superscript when exporting PDFIn some PCs, when exporting graph/layout as PDF format, big space shows between text and superscript.
ORG-10429Support sending graph to Powepoint Template fileClick Send Graph to PowerPoint button or pef_pptslide -d and pemp_pptslide -d to open dialog, Source/Destination File Name support new added format as *.pptm , *.ppsx;*.ppsm,*.pot;*.potx;*.potm 



ORG-97762D Integration gadget: failed to keep text position when moving ROI boxVolume, FWHM_x, FWHM_y, Maximum are output on top of ROI box by default. If moving it to be in the center of the ROI and moveing the box. Text jumped to be outside the ROI. Fixed in 9.1 Sr2.



ORG-10151XF findFiles failed to handle modified date correctlyXF findFiles failed to output result file list if use time variable to specify file modified date time range to be found. This has been fixed in 9.1 Sr2.

Besides, two new Double type variables from (label: modified date start) and to (label: modified date end) are added. They should accept Julian date numeric values.