Origin 9.1 SR1 Features and Changes


ORG-9771Rescale Margin is added to Axis dialog

This edit box allows you to define the margin when you rescale the graph. The margin is defined by a percentage value you input, based on the distance between the data point with maximum value and that with minimum values along the axis direction. This control is also supported in polar axes (both angular and radial axis) and radar axis. But it is not supported for graphs created from a matrix.

ORG-9749Add "Apply" button in Box Chart Components Dialog

Apply button to review changes in graph.

ORG-9853Batch Plotting by Sheet/Books

Allow filtering similar sheets by column short name, long name or number of columns

ORG-2324Label color updates with associated data color when set Color to Auto
  1. When symbol color is set to be for example By Increment, Label is enabled and set color to be Auto, label color still is black in SR0. SR1 fixes it to update the label color to be the same with symbol color when set to Auto, by select Page Properties:Miscellaneous:Auto Color of Label Follows Symbol. This is fixed both for 2D and 3D scatter.

  2. Leader line for special point also follows symbol color if set color to be Auto.
ORG-9723Support Clipping for OpenGL XYY plot

When plot OpenGL xyy graph (e.g. waterfall plot), plots outside axis scale still showed. In SR1 it's fixed by supporting clipping.




ORG-8799Support comma as separators for time formatIn G version from SR1, time format follows the same Separators options as in Tool:Options:Numeric Formats.
ORG-9633User Table Name as sheet name when creating copy as new sheet from result sheetIn result sheet, when user right click a table and choose Create Copy as New Sheet, it used to create sheet named Sheet2, Sheet3, etc. Now the sheet name will be the same as Table name so it's easier for user to understand.
ORG-9834LabTalk command to clear worksheet styles

work -scf; // clear all range styles that intersect completely with selection

work -scf 6 8;  // clear fill color (OFST_Interior) and font (OFST_Font). OFST_* constants are declared in oc_const.h.