Origin 9.1 SR1 Bug and Crash Fixes

Crash and Freeze Fixes


ORG-9855Crash if save an opj with axis break as a new opj and then customize line plot colorPlot a line graph and add an X axis break. Save the opj. Reload the opj and save it as a new opj. Modify the line color. Crash happens.
ORG-9978Save 9.0 opj with line+symbol graph crashes in 9.1The graph seem messed up and Origin crashes when trying to save it.
ORG-9942Crash when using Scale In tool with Quick Peaks gadget on graphDrag to zoom in the graph by scale tool when quick Peaks gadget in on the graph. Crash happens.
ORG-10106Crash when adding error bars to a Y plot with very long long namePlot a graph with tedious long name, then use “Graph:Add Error Bars...” to add error bar, causes crash.
ORG-9886Crash when running some customized custom ogs file.The problem happened since 9.0. It's because block buffer size too small.
ORG-9826Origin crash after set dependent/Independent and change plot typePlot a grouped line plot, set edit model be independent in plot Details dialog and close. Re-open the dialog, change plot type and edit model, click OK will crash Origin.
ORG-9990Total layer name size exceeds 1300 will lead to crashCreate large amount of layers in one graph with long layer short names, open Plot Details dialog and try to link the last layer to the first. Crashes.
ORG-9843Change Font Size with Vertical Cursor Crashes OriginOpen vertical cursor on any graph, and press the font increase or font decrease button in the gadget dialog. Crash happens.
ORG-9963Error bar with custom color list might freeze OriginDouble click graph to open Plot Details. Origin has no response. It's related to customized Color List on error bars.
ORG-9870Crash when pasting legend from one graph to another graphTwo graph windows. When trying to copy a legend from one graph to another. Not easy to reproduce but improved some internal code.
ORG-10115Crash when enabling clipping in 3D scatter graph with connecting line between scatter points3D scatter graph with connecting lines. Open Plot Details dialog. On layer level. Go to Miscellaneous tab and enable clipping. Click OK. Origin crashes.
ORG-10107Crashe on Line tab for ungrouped waterfall plot in Plot Details dialog2D/3D waterfall z color mapping grouped plot, right click on the plot and select Ungroup context menu, double click on the 1st plot to open Plot Details dialog, Origin crashes.
ORG-9916Crash when 3D plot label size is smaller than plot itselfNew a worksheet, then fill first 3 columns( at least 32 rows) with row numbers, fill the 4th column with 2 rows like 100, 200. Set col(C) as Z, highlight it to create a 3D scatter plot. Open Plot Details dialog, go to Label tab, check "Enable" checkbox, set "Label From" dropdown to be col(D), click OK, Origin crashes.
ORG-9910Crash When Editing Text Object In Place With Unicode Node

 When editing the text object, hit backspace inside a text label with a Unicode character, Origin crashes.

ORG-9823Data reader in 3D waterfall leads to crash after changing z value sourceClick data reader button to select on the 3D waterfall and Press F2 on keyboard to open Plot Details, in layer miscellaneous tab, change z value source to other options. Click OK. Origin crashes.
ORG-10069Origin 32bit version leads to crash by crash report with large line plotOrigin9.1 SR0 32bit version open a workbook with large dataset like  rows:20000000, columns:2; try to plot a line graph. Origin crashes.
ORG-9920Crash when selecting recent book to open xlsx Excel bookNew a project and then open an xlsx file file File: Open Excel. Then new a project and then select File: File: Recent Books to open it again. Origin will crash
ORG-10005Crash if Lowess Smooth window size is too largeFor large data size input (say 200k data points), Origin will crash using smooth's lowess method


Bug Fixes




Colormap Legend not show all levels when level type set to Log10In Contour plot, when set colormap level type to be Log10, not all levels are shown in colormap legend.
ORG-9917Categorical information not saved in the column graph with lock iconFor example in grouped column with lock icon, when select Change Parameter from lock context menu, categorical information (e.g. increment color list) is not saved.
ORG-9911Time format axis issuesWhen time format has decimal seconds, it doesn't show the correct value when ticks are By Increment with a whole second value. First Tick can either be wrong. User has to first set Format to be ss.####, and set increment with decimal value.
ORG-9891Auto symbol color not work when line color is incrementWhen plot Symbol+Line, if set symbol color to be automatic, then set line color to be increment list, symbol color not follows line increment color.
ORG-97643D axis break misses minor tick labelIn 3D graph, adding an axis break, and set Minor Tick Label as Show at each Minor Tick, or Show at Specified Indices, label is not added.
ORG-9938Plot multiple datasets from Plot Setup Dialog not grouped by defaultWhen plotting multiple Line+Symbol or multiple Symbol plots from Plot Setup dialog, plots are not grouped by default.
ORG-9956Wrong special tick label when Tick to Label set to be Center between ticksWhen set Tick to Label to be Center between Ticks, special ticks like Axis Begin or Axis End show at wrong position. It happens to 2D and 3D plots.
ORG-101209.1 Graph rendering much slower than 9.0 or 8.6

Line plots slow down with larger polyline break points. SR1 fixes it. For SR0 users, set @lp=700 as a workaround.

ORG-7951Support batch plotting with Z on contour graph

Batch plotting now supports to duplicate contour graphs with XYZ columns from different workbooks/worksheets.


ORG-9666Long text not updated on graph/layout windowIf a worksheet contains a long text in a cell, its image on the Layout shows ############ instead of the text. It's been fixed by adding Update context menu under Go to Window. Also, add Go to Window and Update menu as a group before Programming Control.


ORG-10086Flag disappeared after change parameter in Correlation CoefficientAfter select Flag significant Correlations in Correlation Coefficient dialog and then change parameters, the flag will disappear.

Graph Export




ORG-10004Export line plot speed is slower than 9.0For large data, the slowness is more obvious and may even cause crash if there are more than 20 million datasets in line plot in 32 bit Origin.


ORG-9999xindex function not return correct value when running from graphRunning xindex() only works for worksheet in SR0, not for graph.
ORG-9925map2c function not work well with degree optionXF map2c, mc2ap, vc2ap, vap2c not output correct value when arc:=degree.